Kitchen Showroom Project

Kitchen Showroom Project

By a landslide, the largest project we completed for the back half of our showroom was our custom kitchen. If you’ve visited our showroom in the past few weeks, you know what we’re talking about.  Although Linly Designs is involved with many kitchen remodels over the course of any given month, we’ve simply never had the space to really display what we can do. But things have changed!

Here’s the space before we began. You can see that the old tenants of the building had a very light laminate flooring which honestly looked like plastic and was very dated; we decided we needed to make some serious changes and start from scratch. Also, what was with that green area on the floor?  Very interesting…

We installed the same hand-scraped walnut floor throughout the back that we have in the front of our showroom to keep the entire space consistent.  That’s a good tip to keep in mind for your home as well: if you’ve divided a larger space into multiple “rooms” or seating areas, there needs to be an element to unify that entire space. Although our showroom is technically two different spaces, it exists under one roof and therefore we wanted to keep some continuity.

The picture below was taken after our electrician installed the chandeliers for the showroom. (Please pardon our mess, it was a week before our Grand reOpening!) You can see that we painted and installed gorgeous 12” crown molding throughout. Crown molding is not only an architectural feature, but it adds elegance and completes any space in your home.

With the walls painted and floors & crown installed, it was now time to start on the kitchen design! When designing an island for any kitchen project that we do, we take into consideration not only the style of the home, but also the look that the client is trying to achieve. With our kitchen, we wanted to keep within the “old-world European” style that is near and dear to Linly Designs’ heart. Therefore, we decided to go with authentic 18th-century French reproduction cabinetry and it only made sense to do a serpentine-curved island. We added drawers to both ends of the island and additional cabinet space on the long end to add needed storage in our kitchen. This way our island would not only be gorgeous, but functional as well!  Here is a “before” picture of our serpentine-shaped island before the stain was applied.

And here is the “after” shot. Beautiful!

Granite is out. At least that is the word on the street. We hear it from professionals in our field, clients, and everyone else. But we disagree. Granite is a natural stone; it’s timeless and it will always be in style.  Hundreds of years ago granite was in, and a hundred years from now granite will still be in. What has changed, and what we also try to implement with every project, is the way the stone is treated and how it is applied. We chose to use granite on the island but apply a finish unlike anything you’ve seen. We tend to be very good at transforming ordinary finishes into extraordinary pieces of art which is exactly what we’ve done with our island stone.  Here is a photo of our stone prior to Linly Designs’ magic touch:

Here is the stone after our imagination got to work:

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and we really put all of our hearts into designing this kitchen. We had a vision of what we wanted to see as the end result, and our team of designers and craftspeople really stepped up to the plate to deliver. Keeping with the authentic French feel, we chose cabinetry that would speak about that particular style as well as showcase what we could really do. We went for the “wow” effect. Our cabinetry is very dramatic, not only with the finish and design, but also in size. We understand that not every home has a kitchen with 12′ ceilings, but the style of our cabinetry can be modified to any height yet still give the illusion of a much larger space due to the arched doors we designed. Below is a picture of the door fresh out of the CNC machine.

And below is the finished product. It’s simply stunning!

What French kitchen would be complete without a hammered-copper farm sink and an Oil Rubbed Bronze bridge faucet with spoke-handles?


Stop by and check it out. You have to see it to believe it!

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