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Dining Room Design Projects

Linly Designs’ knows that the dining room is the place you host your family and friends for all of your special occasions. Let us make your dining room a truly unique space that is worthy of your celebrations.

We will give your dining room a personal and impressive look with custom window treatments, specialized faux finishes & decorative painting, and the finest in designer furniture and lighting selected just for you.

Our design experts offer so much more than a typical dining room furniture store. We provide expert advice, top-of-the-line luxury brands, endless customization options, and access to some of the most amazing dining room furniture sets and collections

Frequently Asked Questions

What styles of dining room tables do you offer?

At Linly Designs, we offer a variety of dining tables in all shapes and styles. We give our clients the option to select from our in-stock pieces on display in our beautiful showroom or we can assist in special ordering a dining room table from one of our many luxury vendors.

What elements go into designing a dining room?

A dining room is more than a dining table. Our design team can help you select accent lighting and rugs, wall color, custom molding and woodwork, window treatments, accessories, floral arrangements, and more!

Can I buy dining chairs without the table?

Of course! Our design team would love to assist you in selecting the perfect dining chairs for your table. We have options to purchase in the showroom or we can help you design the perfect seating arrangement, complete with custom fabric, finish and nailheads.

How long does it take to remodel a dining room?

The time it takes to complete a dining room project depends on the extent of the project. We can transform your dining room in as little as a few hours through our personalized Accessory Call®, or we can work side by side with you to completely remodel your space over time. Regardless of the extent of your project, our team works quickly and efficiently to deliver a stunning result you’ll love for years to come.

How do I decorate my dining table?

The best way to decorate your table depends on your style! Traditionally, dining tables are complete with a long runner, elegant dishes and stemware, fine napkin rings, and a custom silk floral arrangement. You can also create a beautiful tablescape with candles, accessories, and other elements. Visit our 11,000 sq. ft. showroom and let our design team assist with setting your perfect table.

What is the best seating combination for my dining room?

We can provide custom seating for any style of dining table. From start to finish our design team will assist you in choosing and customizing the perfect selection for your luxury dining room. Use armless chairs to maximize the seating capacity and space at a table. Add a dramatic impact at the ends of a table with impressive, upholstered host and hostess chairs, complete with nailheads and specialty tufting. Invite your guests to linger after a meal with luxurious seat cushions and custom, upholstered chair backs. Or mix and match grand, Marge Carson upholstered host and hostess chairs with traditional, carved wood seating.

What color are best for a dining room?

When selecting a dining room color, it is important to select a color scheme that pairs well with other elements of the room, such as, flooring, fireplace mantels, and woodwork. Rich, deep hues, like those found in some Tuscan dining rooms, can create elegant and romantic tones. While serine shades, like beige or sky blue, invite bright and airy atmospheres. Dining room wall décor can also add pops of color for an interchangeable look. If you are considering a new color scheme for your dining room, contact our designers to help you select the perfect palette and design for your personal style.

Why should I buy dining room furniture through Linly Designs?

Our design experts offer so much more than a typical dining room furniture store. We provide professional advice, top-of-the-line luxury brands, endless customization options, and access to some of the most amazing dining room furniture sets and collections.

How tall is a dining room table?

Dining table height is typically 28-30 inches.

What size of rug is best for a dining room?

Dining room rug sizes will vary depending on the size of your room and the size of your dining table. A round 6-person dining table will of course have a smaller rug placed underneath than a 12-person rectangular table. Whatever size dining set you have, the rug should be placed so that all chair legs sit on the rug even when the chairs are pulled out from the table, and guests are seated. Typically for a 10-person dining set, a 10x14 rug would work best but depending on the room size and scale you could go larger or smaller.

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