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Living Room & Family Room Design

Linly Designs can make your living room or family room your favorite place to gather with family and friends. We design perfectly polished formal living rooms complete with traditional silk rugs, refined crafted window treatments, luxury fine furniture, and upholstery pieces enhanced with lavish trims. We also create relaxed and causal family rooms with overstuffed sofas and armchairs and warm neutral color palettes.

No matter your style of entertaining or your family’s use of the space, we will make your living room or family room fit just for you and ensure it will be luxurious, comfortable, inviting, and timeless.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I refresh my living room?

You can easily update your living room décor with a custom floral arrangement, new accent pillows and artwork, or custom window treatments. If you can’t quite decide what your living room needs, get the VIP treatment with our personalized Accessory Call® and let our experts do the work for you!

Where can I get luxury living room furniture?

Linly Designs offers the most luxurious, top-of-the-line furniture options. With the majority of our furniture pieces customizable, there are no limits as to what we can create for your living room. We invite you to visit our showroom and experience some of the luxury selections we have to offer.

Do you offer accent furniture?

Yes, we offer accent furniture for any area of your home, including tufted ottomans, end tables, bookcases, and accent cabinets.

What sort of lighting should I use in my living room?

A living room needs a combination of different ambient and accent lighting. Usually, a living room consists of a form of overhead lighting, such as a chandelier, and numerous floor and table lamps.

How do I arrange my living room furniture with a TV?

While the layout for a living room should be focused to encourage conversation, it is also a space for enjoying movies, sports, and favorite shows on TV. If working with a large living room space, consider breaking up the layout of the room into two separate areas. Through the use of different area rugs or using a sofa to separate walkways, the two spaces can feel linked, while also individual. We also love the idea of mounting a TV above a fireplace for a cozy feel, or above a beautiful credenza for extra storage.

What is the difference between a living room and family room?

Traditionally, a living room is seen as a formal space, retained for entertaining guests and special occasions. A living room may contain more delicate décor pieces, formal furniture, and luxurious artwork. While on the other hand, a family room is for day-to-day traffic and is typically where the TV is located. It is usually a bit more casual in furnishing, focused on comfort and family time use. The living room is also usually located near the main entrance while the family is typically located near the back of the house.

What are some décor elements of a luxury living room?

At Linly Designs, we are all about luxury! When decorating your living room, it is important to see beyond the luxury furniture. While tufted sofas and plush seating is important, key elements like fine living room lamps, silk drapery panels that puddle to the floor, and oversized mirrors can cast a magical spell over the room.

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