Set your Table with Holiday Decor

Set your Table with Holiday Decor

The “Season of Entertaining” is right around the corner, and along with the cool weather Fall can often bring the stress of hosting family and friends. Take the guesswork out of your holiday decor with these 4 easy steps to ensure you are setting the perfect holiday table!

Step 1 – Choose a color scheme.
Sticking with the traditional colors of the holiday for which you are decorating is a great tip. Use warm browns and bronzes for Thanksgiving, red for Christmas, blue and silver for Hanukkah. Keeping the table monochromatic gives it a sophisticated spin, while mixing bold primary colors (think red & green for Christmas) is more youthful and fun.

Holiday- Table-Setting 2

Step 2 – Go custom with your centerpiece. A beautiful, one-of-a-kind floral arrangement makes a bold statement in the center of your dining table. Not only does a unique floral give a room typically filled with hard surfaces some much needed softness, but it gives the room character. If you have an existing centerpiece that works perfectly for your space, add some pheasant feathers for a touch of autumn, or nestle ornaments throughout to add some shimmer for Christmas.

Fall silk floral centerpiece

Step 3 – Add some sparkle. The holidays are all about family and friends, celebration, and entertainment, so set the festive mood with some bling! Sequin candleholders, glittery florals, or shimmering accessories reflect light and create an atmosphere of energy. But don’t go overboard; too much sparkle can look unpolished, so make sure to keep it simple and classic.


Step 4 – Layer on the decor. Layers of fabrics, plates and chargers, and accessories are what make a refined and luxurious dining room. Lay a runner along the length of the table and top it with a second coordinating runner in the center under your floral centerpiece. Use two napkins in complimentary colors tucked in a napkin ring for a custom look. Arrange accessories with similar colors and textures in varying heights (think candlesticks, vases, etc.) along the runner. Instead of one charger, why not do two?


Following these easy designer tips will ensure that your guests are oohing and aahing over your Holiday dinner. And if you really want to make it amazing, working with an interior designer that specializes in holiday design may be a great option. For instance, Linly Designs offer an exclusive service called the Accessory Call, where for a nominal fee our professionals will deliver and place, artwork, and florals to complete your dining table (or any room in your home) to perfection.

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