Kitchen Decor

   Kitchen Refresh- Advice from the Linly Design Experts

Kitchen design and décor can present a unique challenge. We need this space to function efficiently yet we also desire it be beautiful.  Kitchen remodels can be costly and time consuming but that doesn’t mean that you have to live with a kitchen you don’t love. The Linly Designs team is full of creative ideas on how to update and rejuvenate the room that is often referred to as the heart of the home. From simple solutions to major renovations Linly Designs will help you create the perfect space for your home, your family, and your lifestyle.

Kitchen Remodel



Updating your kitchen can be as easy as changing your accessories! A decorative tray, filled candles, stylish canisters, or new linens will instantly change the look of your counter top, island or whole kitchen! Visit either Linly Designs Showroom or Tabula Tua– A Linly Designs Company to shop the latest in luxury home décor and accessories.


Kitchen-Lighting 1

Easily elevate the style of your kitchen with elegant light fixtures. It is essential to have adequate lighting to make meal preparation safe and easy. Why not use the need for ample light to your design advantage? Pendants, mini chandeliers, cabinetry lighting options and more will take your kitchen from merely functional to simply fabulous. Let the Linly Designs experts help you select and install your new kitchen lighting.

Faux Floral Arrangements


Looking for a way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your kitchen? Look no further than silk plants and florals! These realistic arrangements will retain their luscious looks long after their natural counterparts have wilted.  Switch out arrangements to reflect the changing seasons and holidays to always keep your kitchen looking fresh! Let Linly Designs’ in-house floral designer create custom silk floral arrangements that are unique to you and your home.



Looking to refresh your kitchen without taking on a complete remodel? Refresh with refinishing! Refinishing is a wonderful way to update the most prominent element of your kitchen, your cabinets. With a new color or a new finish technique you can modernize, create interest and turn previously overlooked areas of your kitchen into powerful focal points. Linly Designs network of skilled artisans are always ready to assist you in transforming your kitchen.

Window Treatments

Window-TreatmentsSoften the look of your kitchen by adding window treatments. Window treatments, with their soft and luxurious texture, balance out the hard surfaces of surrounding cabinetry and granite counter tops while also infusing the space with some much needed color and pattern. Linly Designs custom drapery workroom will take your project from start to finish with everything from fabric, trim, and style recommendations to making and installing your picture-perfect window treatments.

Linly Designs Creates Kitchen “Afters!”

The Linly Designs team and our network of artisans and craftsmen have the knowledge and experience to help with any kitchen design project, big or small. Experience the Linly Designs difference for yourself and let us transform your kitchen into the “after” you’ve been dreaming of!


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