Kitchen Remodeling Project Underway!

Kitchen Remodeling Project Underway!

No matter how big your family room is, or how much you dream of having a sit down dinner in the dining room, friends and family always gather in the kitchen.

So shouldn’t it be not only warm and inviting but functional?

We recently began a kitchen remodeling project for our clients in nearby Willowbrook. From an outside perspective, this kitchen is beautiful with updated finishes and a great layout. It boasts cherry cabinetry, granite countertops and recessed lighting. But just because it’s updated doesn’t mean it fits the client’s needs.

For example, a two-tier island is great to create a bar-like seating area, especially for busy families with kids who can enjoy quick meals around the island. But since the island had a built-in cook top, it was very difficult for entertaining and not as functional for this family of four. Our designers will remove cook top, as well as the top tier of the island and extend it outward. This will give the clients more surface area for serving and entertaining, but also will make the kitchen look more open.

Additionally, the corner cabinet took up the majority of the useful counter space in this kitchen so we plan to remove it to add additional workspace.

A 4” backsplash is typically reserved for bathrooms.  Kitchen backsplashes should extend from the top of the countertops to the bottom of the upper cabinetry for easy cleaning, unless you have a separate space for a desk, then a 4″ backsplash is recommended.

kitchen remodeling project
Our clients and our design team agreed that this little dry bar area adjacent to the entrance to the kitchen was  awkward. It was too small to be functional, and therefore wasn’t used. Our designers have a special plan for this area. We plan to remove this partial wall and the dry bar and build a large pantry combined with built-in lockers, as this space is located next to the entrance from the garage.

Kitchen remodeling in Willowbrook

The new kitchen is being installed! Stay tuned to check out the final result of this kitchen remodeling project!