Master Bathroom Remodel

Master Bathroom Remodel

These clients came to us with one simple wish: make their bathroom more functional.

The couple and their family have lived in this home for over 20 years and have made several attempts to make their bathroom work better for their everyday use. Unfortunately, the bathroom has only been updated with new tiles and fixtures, but it has never been completely redesigned to serve them better.

Enter Linly Designs!

When we walked into this master bathroom, it felt very enclosed due to a narrow wall   separating the door into the bathroom and the vanity; this made the entrance feel very enclosed. The only function of this small wall was to house a very tiny medicine cabinet (we will add a TON of storage space later anyways!) so we decided to remove the wall to open up the space and make it feel more grand.

Also, you can see that the sharp angle of the tub was a little dated and needed to be changed to a more sleek, updated look.

With all of the advanced technology and options available on the market, we went for the best of the best when it came to selecting a tub. We chose an oval bubbler and whirlpool combination, and dressed it up with oil rubbed bronze fixtures. Placing the tub on an angle allowed us to create a more graceful, curved front. This made the area look more updated and elegant.

In our opinion, timeless beauty comes always in natural form. Therefore, we chose selected a natural tumbled marble tile and solid slab of travertine for the tub deck. Coating it with a tile enhancer sealer brought out all of the beautiful features of these stones.

The water closet was hidden behind these oak doors, making it a separate room. This is great for privacy but there was no need to have an additional door in an already small space. Our decision was to completely remove the wall, allowing that area to become a part of the entire room.

We also wanted to make sure that our clients had enough space in their new shower to accommodate a sitting bench and more luxurious plumbing fixtures. Since the wall separating the water closet and the shower was one of the support walls in their home, we could not remove it to make their shower wider. Knowing this, we decided to bring the shower out into the room by extending the soffit and angling the door, turning it into a much deeper, double shower. By doing that, it allowed us to add all the bells and whistles in the shower as we had planned, making our clients extremely happy.

Since we have removed both of the walls on either side of the vanity that was also housing their medicine cabinets, we definitely needed to make up for the lost storage space. Therefore, we designed our new vanity with plenty of storage not only at the bottom, but also at the top.

This is a quick sketch of what we first suggested to the clients during our appointment. We suggested keeping a double vanity, but we created three separate cabinet towers to house all of our their toiletries. This also would allow them to display some accessories which they were never able to do before.

Good designers know how to keep the architectural details of clients’ homes in tact and only enhance the space with designs and craftsmanship. For this reason, we suggested  a traditional solid maple raised-panel door vanity with rope column details.

Then, from our client-approved sketch, our bathroom cabinet maker generated this CAD drawing with exact dimensions and specifications which allowed the craftsmen to expertly craft a custom vanity to fit our client’s needs!

Here is the finished product, complete with all of the storage the clients could need!

No bathroom remodeling is ever finished without dressing up the windows. We designed and installed a soft window treatment with a large pattern in a bold rusty-red color.  To tie our color scheme together, we placed several accents in the same color throughout the room in pictures, candles, towels, and other small accessories.

Now our clients have an updated, grand master bathroom that was custom designed to fit their needs and lifestyle.

Another Linly Designs bathroom remodeling project completed in 2011 that we can say we are truly proud of. Our clients cannot be happier!